Mister H – only if you dare!

I don’t even know where to begin when I try to describe Mister H: upscale bar for models and celebs, funky bar for NYC’s artists and hipsters? It is almost impossible to label, or place Mister H into only one category. This dark, swanky lounge will make you feel as you enter an underground, forbidden world. Reminding of an upscale brothel (despite the red neon sign which reads: “This is not a brothel, there are no prostitutes at this address”), Mister H is a combination of glamour, erotic, wilderness and forbidden. Decorated with pieces of art mostly made by NYC artists, this place is also a display of local creativity. The small place is packed with Persian rugs, vintage carpets and pillows, bird cages, chandeliers (even in the bathrooms), chains, boudoir-chic pieces of furniture and erotic paintings. But everything blends in together, creating a truly unique space in the heart of Chinatown.

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