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Citybuzz is the premiere destination network in the United States, broadcasting online, in hotel rooms and NYC taxis among other cities. Citybuzz selects the best in upscale restaurants, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, and exploration activities in every major city. In addition to selecting the best of the best, Citybuzz features respected local “insiders” such as Isaac Mizrahi and Donald Trump to give their recommendations to travelers.

Citybuzz currently reaches 12 million monthly viewers and is growing each month. It broadcasts in over 1,500 luxury hotels nationally reaching 7.4 million monthly viewers. Our program is also featured in NYC taxi cabs and major cities such as Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Dallas.

In New York City, the Citybuzz program airs on NYC TV, reaching over 1.5 million viewers in the New York area. It is also featured on the Jacob Javits Center’s 70 plasma screens, the 600 foot jumbotron and website. With our constantly growing viewers and outlets, Citybuzz invites you to be a part of the buzz!.

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