figo 38660129p1Technically named “Osteria del Figo” but simply called “Figo”, the Howell Mill edition of this popular metro-area upscale Italian chain plays well with both the business and leisure crowd. Casual and cool, Figo is modern with lots of Italian flair beginning with the walls bathed in amber and the wooden bar and tables. It’s more spacious than it appears, accommodating large and small parties alike. Orders are made at the front of the house with guests then receiving colorfully festive pepper shakers to place at their table for food delivery.

Simplicity is king here, with the build-your-own-pasta serving as the main draw. Make a ravioli, short or long pasta selection and then pair it with a sauce. For traditional fare with a pleasant kick, try the Tuscan Sausage and Apple Ravioli with the Arrabbiata sauce (spicy tomato sauce with garlic and chili peppers). The Spinach Penne with the Salmone con Piselli (oak-smoked salmon and English peas in pink vodka sauce) is also good but, with over a dozen ravioli and pasta choices and nearly that many sauces, the combinations are truly endless.

The Caprese Salad, prepared with buffalo mozzarella and vine-ripe tomatoes, is a nice jump-starter. Tiramisu is a given but Kenny’s Key Lime pie, from the locally-based super pie company, is a welcomed American indulgence.