Who said going to the Opera was a bore? Opera Nightclub is one of the hottest places in Atlanta. With its elegant Greek columns, luminescent chandeliers, and three-tier balcony, you’ll feel like royalty the moment you enter its doors.Picture 8

Emerging onto the national scene as the backdrop to the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s many dramas, it is also the place to go for VIP events Atlanta and to socialize with the beautiful crowd.

Opera has been a staple in Atlanta for almost a century. Built in 1920 as a performing arts theater for the Atlanta Women’s Club, the center has since undergone two million dollars worth of renovations to revitalize the space to its original luster. There are three amazing venues inside the nightclub: The Opera House encompasses a stage, perfect for VIP performances. In the Venetian room you can have party with 150 guests  in this Atlanta banquet hall, which includes grand Victorian accents. On those hoTLANTA days or cooLANTA nights, try the Patio, offering breathtaking views of the skyline.

Want to get in on all the events? It’s sometimes – keyword, sometimes- as easy as going online. Visitors may register online for its weekly events, reserve VIP tables and see photos from previous weeks. On Thursdays the music is dance, on Fridays its hip-hop & 80’s dance mix, and on Saturdays come out with Atlanta’s finest to see & be seen.

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