Prohibition is probably the closest Atlanta comes to the current style and substance of “speakeasies” in other big cities. Located below Stout Irish Pub in the funhouse labyrinth of Andrews Square, the atmosphere is clubby and classy. There’s oak paneling, a burnished honey-colored onyx bar top, a glowing hand-painted drop ceiling, and vintage ’20s decorations. Leather sofas and a fireplace create cozy seating nooks. But the bar is where the action is.

Owner/ bartender Steve De Haan calls his cocktails “prescriptions,” offering them up with a steady stream of barkeep banter. De Haan compounds drinks with giddy precision, using historical recipes and old-school techniques, top-shelf liquors, fresh-squeezed juices and garnishes, while chipping ice off a 300-pound block. Smoking is not only permitted, but celebrated, with a house humidor room filled with fine cigars. A concise food menu includes snacks such as lamb lollipops.

How do you find the secret number? That’s a really good question. But during a recent visit, several friendly bystanders were eager to share. Visit for more information.

Prohibtion is located at 56 East Andrews Drive in Andrews Square.