There’s something intriguing about drinking in a dark room, especially when you have to go down a spePicture 4akeasy-reminiscent stairway to do it. Barbara Lynch, grande dame of Boston culinary royalty, is well aware of this appeal.

Drink, her fairly recent endeavor into the throwback spirits craze, is tucked into the basement of 348 Congress Street, in the otherwise nighttime-sleepy Fort Point. Dark enough to be its own brand of thrilling, Drink is still laid back enough to be comfortable.

You won’t find cocktail menus at drink. Simply tell the bartenders what you’re looking for and they decide for you. And we would suggest avoiding the simple “I like gin” route.  Customers can suggest spicy or tart or even all-around surprising and the bartenders are more than happy to oblige. Go ahead–just try to stump them. And an added FYI? Make sure to try the Trinidad Sour. Check out the website at