When you first step into the newly renovated Shreve, Crump & Low jewelry store, you will quickly know you have come upon something special. Shreve’s is the oldest jeweler in North America in its Picture 10third century of operation offering everything from diamonds, pearls, and gemstones to timepieces, corporate gifts and even a wedding registry.

The store underwent a $10 million dollar renovation in the spring of 2007 and now houses some of most coveted jewelry collections in the country. Throughout its history, the store has sold antiques, stationery and fine linen and even exhibited artifacts from Rome. Most notably, Shreve’s designed a silver cup to honor Boston Red Sox hero Cy Young, which later became known as the Cy Young Award.

Today, the shop exudes luxury with its dark mahogany and marble paneling and new display cases. When you’re looking to splurge, stop by for a rare pearl from Mastoloni or a beautiful Charles Krypell design with emeralds and rubies. Visit shrevecrumpandlow.com for more information.