Chicago is known for its restaurants, but some stand out far above others, and one of them is Rosebud. For 30 years, this landmark restaurant has attracted famous Picture 12Chicagoans and the visiting elite for its dreamy ambiance of shiny wood floors, mahogony framed mirrored walls and white linen covered tables. With impeccable service and mouth watering steaks, the Rosebud has gained such a fan base that it now has several addresses including a specialty Italian restaurant on Chicago’s bustling Rush Street, a trattoria, an express shop and several suburban locales.

It’s hard to believe that back in 1977, it was just a mundane grocery store. What’s easy to picture is the array of guests who have frequented the place: Tony Bennett, Oprah Winfrey and even magical ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. From the starting line-up of the Bulls to the Bears, this place tends to be crawling with stars and big wigs. Just check out the “Wall of Fame” if you need assurance while there.

Celeb watching aside, this is a place to indulge so don’t hold back and get that 14 oz. Italiano steak – delicioso!