Bin 36, it’s as simple as that, hell their very own Brian Duncan was voted “Wine Director of the Year” by Gourmet Magazine. Here’s a place where flights of wine take up table tops, their wide array of flirty flights making it near impossible not to opt for one (because one equals four). Cheese specialties fatten up the acidic wine selections making this happy hour heaven, the perfect place for a date and a top joint for scouting for peeps who still have class.

Yes, Bin 36 does have food and yes it is delicious – it’s just an after thought when the wine menu is taking the spotlight. But it’s worth the spotlight as well, Chef Caputo’s wonderful selections are attributed to his rich culinary past working in Michelin rated restaurants in France and studying wine in Sonoma.

Breakfast, lunch (perfect business lunch in 40 minutes!) and dinner, Bin 36 is now somewhat of a Chi-town icon with is wine shop and wine classes. Each month they offer classes on food and wine pairings (whilst promoting tasting as the best means to learn!), themed movie, culture and game nights. They’ve also spread to Wicker Park with Bin Wine Cafe.