Long before Johnny Depp portrayed bad-boy gangster, John Dillinger in Public Enemies, Picture 17visitors to Chicago have always been enthralled with the gangster and mob history of the Windy City. After all, here’s a place where you can take in jazz music sitting in Capone‘s favorite old booth or where restaurant genius Jerry Kleiner’s attempt to open a new restaurant on the south side had him discovering hidden passageways and making speakeasys. Outside the movie theater where Dillinger, so perfectly played by Depp, was taken down, there are still plenty of bullet holes over which to ponder.

Alas, The Untouchables Tour is the tour for you if mob and gangster history is your fancy. Promising¬† motto, “it was a blast” is supposed to evoke a double entendre.

With insight into the Windy City’s politicians, the secrets of the mob masters and secrets of life during prohibition, this tour is a fun favorite for both Chi-town locals and tourists alike. Bullet proof vests, not included.