Hermes: Scarve Yourself French

Perhaps the arrival of an Hermes store in Chicago means the Windy City has really made it in the fashion world. The French phenom brand is the brains behind the all-elusive Birkin bag which has a waiting list of up to two years in some cases and of course a whole slew of amazing scarves that will make anyone look instantaneously French.

Its location couldn’t be more than ideal, across the street from a supersized Barney’s and Prada, Hermes brings the level of chic to this carrefour to a level only this line could. Alas visit the store of the line rumored to have Oprah banging down its doors during off hours for an emergency purchase (the Paris location) and scarve yourself fabulous.

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Hermes is located at 25 East Oak Street, Chicago, IL.
(312) 787-8175