With a new nightclub opening each month, the hotspot seekers are never short on a new place to call home- even if for a day. But Smartbar has built a reputation of quality that keeps it packed every night. Smartbar in Lakeview, just below its equally popular sister venue, The Metro, has been going strong since 1982. In club years that’s the equivalent to a dynasty’s ruling.

Aesthetically Smartbar is nothing to brag about. The drinks aren’t exciting or unique. The dancefloor? It’s not even that big. Yet, Smartbar continues to host hot crowds night after night, year after year, and pull in some of the biggest names in DJ culture. Notably, the favorites from Om Records like Kaskade and Collette are always true to Smartbar.

DJs and killer beats aside, an evening here guarantees a night of authentic house music. After all Chi-town invented house music back with Frankie Knuckles in the 1980s- so of course there had to be a club that stayed true to this legacy!

Verdict? Smartbar will always remain smart: posers and fair-weather fans need not apply.

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