12 million captive travelers a month catch Citybuzz, the nation’s premiere destination television network, in hotels and taxi cabs across the country.

Citybuzz broadcasts in 21 markets across the country, reaching 1,151 hotels and broadcasting in 380,685 rooms. Check in to Citybuzz’s celebrity-driven program, featuring the best shopping, dining, live entertainment and more. Citybuzz’s 30-minute monthly program is shown on a continuous loop, reaching over 7.4 million monthly viewers.
Citybuzz broadcasts content within popular business destinations: New York, Denver, Dallas, Boston and Los Angeles. Reach millions of riders on the go!

Nationally-recognized corporations from Macy’s to Nintendo to Best Buy have partnered with Citybuzz to produce creative content that gets noticed. Industry experts host original segments promoting the brand’s products to those on the go. Segments are broadcast within our national network of distribution outlets, and are produced in a format of 30 second and 1 minute spots.**

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