Twisted Root Burger Co serves up gourmet burgers and fried hot dogs with a healthy dose of sass at six locations across the metroplex. It’s not a gourmet burger without options, and Twisted Root does not skimp on options.

The burger meat/patty choices include hamburger, buffalo burger, turkey burger, spicy veggie burger, or select wild game (Venison, Elk, Ostrich, Emu, Boar, Antelope, Lamb) on availability. The toppings are numerous and creative, offering everything from guacamole to chipotle sauce. To take decision making out of the process, they have a “specialty burgers” menu with suggested combinations. This is also a good place to find out if buffalo sauce actually goes with buffalo meat. To top off the burgers they have self-serve homemade pickles in a few different flavors. If a giant gourmet burger doesn’t fill you up, follow it up with a root beer float or milkshake made with homemade ice cream.