Celebrating in Dallas has never been easier, thanks to the Ghostbar at the W Hotel. On any given weekend, several bachelor/bachelorettes can be seen parting ways with singlehood, birthday toasts are being made and the closing of a big business deal is capped off with good times at Ghostbar. From the chromed-out mirrored elevator where you ride all the way up to the top of the hotel, you can already hear the music pumping.

To make your evening more exclusive and comfortable, call ahead and make a reservation for Vodka bottle service. You won’t be disappointed with the first class service, VIP treatment and extra introductions that you wouldn’t be privy to otherwise. Step out on to the glass balcony when the weather permits; the view of downtown Dallas is as spectacular as it is vast. It’s the perfect spot to sip a cocktail, enjoy a little dancing, or share a romantic moment.