Root yPicture 9our team to victory at the 74th Annual AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. Oklahoma State University will go head to head with the Ole Mississippi Rebels at this year’s Cotton Bowl Classic. The first classic was envisioned by the late J. Curtis Sanford, a Dallas oilman and business executive, and the first of many games was held at the Fair Park’s Cotton Bowl Stadium. But this year they’re upgrading with the recently finished Cowboys Stadium hosting the classic game for the first time.

The Cotton Bowl halftime show will star the Rebel Band and the Cowboy Band, as well as a finale that will include 11 high school Marching Bands from across the country, and the world famous Kilgore College Rangerettes, who are making their 60th consecutive visit to the Cotton Bowl.

Get your tickets early, because the stadium will be packed with excited Cowboys, and ruthless Rebel fans.