Dallas might not be known as the most scenic of cities, but the Katy Trail defies that stigma and brings nature, fitness and skyscrapers together in a beautiful way. Stretching from downtown to the SMU area in the Park Cities, the trail provides a path for joggers, waPicture 19lkers, skateboarders, bikers, rollerbladers, dog-walkers and baby strollers to move smoothly through the Dallas landscape.

The most recent addition, Snyder’s Union, overlooks the Trail at Carlisle Place close to Lemmon Avenue. It features a circular granite seating area covered by a dramatic trellis to reveal a beautiful view of Lee Park. If you take the trail north toward Park Cities, stop off on Knox Henderson at the Highland Park Pharmacy for a Vanilla Coke, Limeade, or several other old fashioned sodas to quench your thirst. 5K’s and walk-a-thons are not uncommon, so keep an eye out for opportunities to experience the nature on Katy in a variety of ways.