The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center For Education & Tolerance is a up close and personal tribute to the memory of the millions who died during the Holocaust with survivors as tour guides and authentic artifacts the moment you walk in.  One part authentic museum, one part memorial, this center, in the heart of free America, capturePicture 10s the horrors of the Holocaust.

A Holocaust museum may seem a bit odd in the middle of Texas, thousands of miles away from the concentration camps in Europe, but this museum is the result of the hard work and dedication by a group of survivors. In 1977 a group of 125 Holocaust survivors from North Texas created the Holocaust Survivors in Dallas and in 1984 the Dallas Holocaust Museum came into fruition.

The museum entrance contains a railway car–an actual boxcar donated by the National Belgian Railways – used to transport Jews and other “undesirables” to concentration camps.  The tours, sometimes led by Holocaust survivors, take you through the museum and an entire room dedicated to the memorial of the millions who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

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