Three levels, three different styles of music, three different bars to place your order. Purgatory in Dallas is massive in size and comprised of the naughtiest and nicest places of the afterlife all under one roof: Hell (lowest level), Purgatory, and Heaven (the top level). Picture 18

Hell produces a bumping hip-hop beat and showcases concrete bars and urban accents. The Purgatory level features a Ladies Lounge and martini bar where females can reconvene without their dates and engage in girl talk. The 37,000 watt cyber light system in Heaven is visually stimulating and moves to the beat of the popular Euro-techno music.

If you want to go the VIP route and lounge in style with your entourage, the Upper Heaven level can be reserved for bottle service, food service from adjoining Pandora restaurant, and private conversation. With so many levels and features to choose from, you’re sure to find one style that meshes with your mood of the night.