Recent trends in lifestyle have been about elementsgreener spaces, relaxing environments, and soothing your spirit. Westin Hotel took note of this trend, and created the new line of Element Hotels. With a new Element open in Irving/Las Colinas by DFW airport, travelers and residents alike have a chance to try out this new hotel concept.

Complimentary nutritious breakfast is a stress-free way to start your day, or should you choose to work in your room, there are paper recycling bins in each. (Not to mention recycled materials in carpets and low VOC interior paints, which everyone can feel good about.) Full-sized, energy efficient appliances are available for making a quick snack or preparing your own meal. Bathrooms are environmentally friendly as well; rain shower heads with shower wand helps conserve water. You won’t find wasted plastic mini-bottles of shampoo and conditioner¬† either-those are dispensed in the shower to cut down on clutter and increase the eco-friendly nature. The Element Hotel is full of forward thinking ideas that help you sleep better at night, both literally and figuratively.

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