Fair warning right here – if you do venture to East Dallas and stumble into this place for breakfast, do not be alarmed by the utterly terrible interior. I am talking industrial carpeted floors, wood-grain paneling, tacky items from the likes of Hobby Lobby. It’s as if I walked onto the set of Rosanne. It’s stuck in a mid 90’s sitcom, except the only joke is at this restaurant’s expense. Just don’t be scared, because the food is actually pretty tasty.

It’s saving grace is the food and the clientele. I was not only the youngest person in the dining room, but the youngest by maybe 60 years. How can you dislike a place that is frequented by the elderly? Their sweet demeanor and just simple happiness of being there makes you want to call your grandparents up to tell them you love them. So, it’s no shock that visited JJ’s today with my grandmother, Mammy (or also known as the world’s cutest and most awesome lady, ever!). The waitress knew her name, cracked a few jokes, and was constantly warming my coffee cup – already good in my book at that point!

I ordered the Southwestern Chicken omelet with swiss cheese and a corn tortilla melted on top of the thick egg fold over stuffed with bell peppers, onions, and tasty chicken. The side potatoes had a zesty flavor and that perfect amount of crunch I look for in potatoes. As I looked around the table, everyone else seemed to be enjoying their meal as well. But the biggest shocker of all they offer a Yelp check-in discount. Looks like old-people a thing or two about technology after all.