When exploring the outdoors of Dallas, it’s a pleasant surprise to find a place where you can do it all: take a leisurely stroll, ride your bike, walk your dog, drop in tPicture 22he fishing pole, and have a quiet picnic. Beautiful Lakeside Park not only offers all these options, but an unprecedented view of the beautifully manicured grounds along Turtle Creek between Beverly Drive and Armstrong Parkway. The Bel-Air style homes provide a breathtaking backdrop to over 14 acres of impeccable landscaping.

The walking paths lead to an iconic wooden bridge overlooking the Turtle Creek Dam; a perfect spot for a photo op or romantic moment. One artful surprise to the park’s ambiance? Giant teddy bear statues line the walking path and leave both adults and children in awe.  For a relaxing outdoor excursion, Lakeside Park is the crown jewel of Highland Park’s extensive park and recreation escapes.