Exposition Park’s Pizza Lounge is the kind of place you’d expect to see in the Dallas section of Lonely Planet. The interior gives off an eclectic ambiance with purposely-mismatched couches and lounge chairs around every table. Pizza Lounge is conveniently located across the street from Fair Park, is right by a DART station and it’s only a skip hop and a jump from Deep Ellum.

The menu is an entertaining read unto itself with cleverly named dishes and pies. A few good choices are the Nickel Bag/Dime Bag (small/large spinach and broccoli rabe), the Margherita (it seems like a boring choice until you realize they throw capers on there), or the Sofa King: a pie so loaded with meat it guarantees to make you “Sofa King Full.” Pizza Lounge also loves vegans as much as vegans love animals with several vegan options and substitutes conveniently labeled with a green “v” symbol. Don’t be cruel – eat tofu.