Picture 9North Dallas might not be known for its fine French cuisine, but Lavendou provides the French fix that you may be craving.  Though it’s located in a simple shopping center off Preston road, once you walk through the doors you feel as if you have been transported back to your vacation days in  France. Large armoires, bookshelves, wall sconces and French prints create a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of the days when high tea was commonplace.

Scrumptious dishes like Saumon au Cavier Daubergine Sauce Verte are best bets to try. You won’t be able to forget the eggplant and basil cream sauce, seasoned and scintillating.  If you love Gyuere cheese, trying the onion soup (Gratinee a l’Oignon) will make your head spin with delight.  And when it comes time to celebrate Mom, a bridal or baby shower, or simply culture yourself a bit, high tea at Lavendou is just the ticket.  While you can’t always jet off to Europe to sample fine cuisine, this provides a taste of what you’re missing across the pond.