Even though restaurateur Billy Dec’s Rockit Bar & Grill may make the best burger in town, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have cravings for some good, hearty Italian fooPicture 7d. Whenever he’s in need of some pasta and marinara sauce, the Chicago social mover always heads to La Scarola.

The Italian restaurant is known for its low key environment that brings high-profile diners like Billy. It’s been awarded the Zagat Excellent Rating year after year for their gigantic proportions and delicious cannolis. La Scarola’s dishes taste like the ones from the Italian grandmother you never had.

Sure, Billy Dec is well-known about town, but La Scarola’s great because regardless of your residence, you’ll feel like a local. The place is small so everyone knows each other, and if they don’t, you’ll feel like they do after the meal is over. With a crackling fireplace and the likes of Billie Holiday setting the mood, it’s impossible not to relax and enjoy a great dinner at La Scarola.

*** Billy Dec is the CEO and Founder of Rockit Ranch Productions, Chicago’s premier restaurant and entertainment development company. The company owns the new hotspot Sunda, The Underground club, and the award-winning Rockit Bar & Grill.