“Picking a favorite restaurant in Miami is like picking your favorite star in the sky: an impossible feat,” Amanda Fernandez-Leon, owner and curator of Calix Gustav Gallery, told citybuzz. “But there is one restaurant that truly never fails- this is not just a restaurant, it’s The Restaurant at the Setai.”

Located in arguably the best hotel in Miami, Picture 22The Restaurant at the Setai is pan asian cuisine that exceeds all expectations and prior experiences. As a Miami trendsetter and owner of one of Miami’s most avant-garde galleries, Amanda has a spot-on taste for what’s cooking in Miami, and especially for what’s sizzlin’ at The Restaurant.

“The menu is massive and intimidating for newcomers,” Amanda warns, but follow her favorites and you’re sure to have as fabulous experience as she does. “The Pecking Duck Salad with the sweetest shallots you’ll ever taste; nothing says Dim Sum like the melt-in-your-mouth Steamed Barbecue Pork Buns; the Pork Belly with dreamy Kimchi is unreal; the Lamb Curry is my pick for my last meal on Earth; and [finally] the Tandoor Jumbo Tiger Shrimp, so succulent it’s naughty,” Amanda recommends. With food that delicious and with so many options, she adds this advice, “Ladies, I don’t recommend wearing a tight dress.” Point taken.

*** Amanda Fernandez-Leon is the owner and curator of one of Miami’s most avant-garde galleries, the new Calix Gustav Gallery, in the trendy Wynwood Arts District. With an unbelievable taste for the unique, she has also established herself as a trendsetter in both the culinary and fashion worlds. Always decked to the nines, Amanda can be found giving tours at her gallery as well as dining at restaurants that are on the verge of becoming the next big thing.