It makes perfect sense that artist Eric Fischl’s favorite restaurant is The Odeon Restaurant. The Odeon is the grandfather of the hot culinary scene that is TriBeCa today. It was the first to arrive on the scene, before TriBeCa got its moniker for being the Triangle-Below-Canal, and attractedPicture 8 the who’s who of the art world, including Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Odeon is known for its brasserie fare including the country frisee salad, trouffled poached eggs and sautéed cod.

At night, especially on warm summer evenings, the restaurant’s terrace sports the beautiful and fabulous of New York sipping martinis and cocktails.  And Eric Fischl’s keeps the Odeon’s artist attraction alive today with his frequent visits to this American brasserie pioneer.

** Eric Fischl is an artist and sculptor and native New Yorker. Fischl’s works have been featured at The Whitney Museum and sculptures in Rockefeller Center.

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