There’s only one restaurant in New York City where you’ll never hear a bad word from former New York Times Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni; it’s Jean Georges. This celebrity chef has made a name for himself with star-studded favorites Spice Market and Mercer Kitchen, but his self-titled Jean Georges is the creme de la creme of his culinary empire.

“In my job I get a lot of calls and emails saying, ‘Well you know I had heard that X restaurant was great’ or ‘you had said that Y restaurant was great,'” Frank Bruni said to citybuzz of his tenure at the New York Times. “So I get a lot of complaints, and a lot of feedback that’s positive as well, and that’s a restaurant, Jean Georges, that I almost never, ever field a complaint about.” Picture 13

These are words that every chef would like to hear, especially since it’s a commentary from not only one of the most respected food critics in the business, but also of the overwhelmingly happy clientele at Jean Georges.

What makes this place so great? The four star restaurant prepares every meal to perfection, and that is not a cliche here. Every dish steals the show from perfectly seasoned scallops to signature dishes like the checkerboard hamachi and yellowfin tun and roasted squab with a corn pancake and an elegant splash of foie gras. The Trump Hotel restaurant (Hey, if it passed The Donald’s seal of approval, you know it must be incredible) has cleaned up nearly every award in the book: 4 Stars from the Times, 3 Michelen Stars (one of only four NYC restaurants with that Michelen rating), and chef Jean Georges Vongerichten has won 2 James Beard awards for this restaurant alone.

Or, as Frank Bruni simply put it, “Among food lovers who go to the city’s four star restaurants, I think Jean-Georges in the Trump Hotel in Columbus Circle is a restaurant that almost never disappoints.”

*** Frank Bruni is the former restaurant critic for The New York Times and is now working for the Times Magazine. Bruni is also a best-selling author, with works including the politically themed Ambling Into History and his recent memoir Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater.

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