Focused on the act of preserving architecture, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is preserving many buildings, hotels and fine pieces of art that we have come to love and know so well. Buildings such as The Sunset Tower and The Egyptian Theatre are coined as “local Art Deco treasures” found in Los Angeles that have become LA staples and places frequently visited.

This non-profit, supported by members varying from students to households, is always holding events for those looking to embrace LA Art Deco. Events such as walking tours and festivals are always being held in honor of LA art and architecture and members of the non-profit make the events calendar easy and accessible on their website.

Though we pass some of these buildings each and every day, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles encourages people to take in their surroundings by attending events held by the organization and to visit the buildings they try so hard to preserve.

In the land of the fake, this society encourages you to embrace something real.

LA Art Deco Pic