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The Golden Globes Award Show is one of the events that gives LA its glamorous image and makes the world envious that they aren’t on the red carpet. Well, every award show needs an audience and that means every year Golden Globes tickets go on sale.
There are two ways to see the show, by buying tickets online or grabbing a bleacher seat. Golden Globes ticket purchasing requires a good amount of research and possibly a few scams or two, so the bleacher seat is a safer bet. The Golden Globes are held at the Bevery Hills Hilton Hotel, so of course they offer a package for a weekend stay at the luxurious hotel complete with front row seats to the red carpet. Tickets are limited, meaning one most buy them early and be willing to pay the price. But, we’re sure every penny is worth it to see- and possibly talk to- the most beautiful and famous people in the world.