You may know her from your history textbooks or your grandfather telling you about WWII, but today the Queen Mary is referred to as a hotel and attraction rather than a ship for soldiers.

Most Southern Californians will tell you to experience one of the Queen’s many tours on the history of the boat and submarine excursions. When visiting this Queen MaryLong Beach destination, it’s crucial to visit restaurants such as Observation Bar and Chelsea Restaurant for perfect seafood and even more perfect ocean views. If you are looking to remain at sea as long as possible, the boat offers some surprising amenities, such as a fitness room and a spa.

Though the boat itself is quite spectacular, the Queen Mary also doubles as a great hotel. People will argue that staying on the boat and just visiting are completely different experiences. With such great amenities and a concierge experience that makes you feel as though you are sailing your own yacht, you may never want board on land again.

The next time you want to hit the high seas, you might as well do it like royalty.