Coco de Ville at STK standardizes swanky in the Picture 16Hollywood scene. Coco adheres to the strictest form of nightclub etiquette on par with its top sister clubs- like NYC’s Tenjune and Kiss & Fly- across the country under The ONE Group umbrella. Bottle service or promoters, it is best to have a card to play at the door. Dress to impress is like a key in the lock, and makes people watching inside so much fun.

Coco boasts an eclectic mix of pattern and color, but half a bottle in and that couch is just another thing for glamazons to dance on. Privacy is never really private. DJs pump music hits and innovative mixes, exploding the dance floor to any available surface…laps included. For those that eat, the STK kitchen caters the party from next door. Celeb spotting here is more in the B-C range, but the party reigns at Coco de Ville and tons of bottles flow in every banquet. Most entertaining, however, are the messes and HOT they are.