DNA pictureIn the midst of a town filled with designer duds and overpriced everything, we can only thank our lucky stars that a place like DNA landed itself on one of the most well known and priciest streets in Los Angeles. Filled with straight off-the-rack clothing and in season accessories, DNA on Sunset is one of the only places in L.A. where you can actually shop without breaking the bank. Racks are filled with designer jeans, while shirts and dresses come from some of the trendiest and most expensive stores you could find.

You might expect that your discount shopping trip will be accompanied by not so accompanying salespeople, DNA provides exceptional customer service with a personal shopper experience. Thanks to its busy location, you may want to enter in the back to avoid as much foot traffic on Sunset as possible.

Though DNA is a woman’s shopping haven, there are definitely enough great finds here to fulfill the male shopper extraordinaire.