As you are driving on Santa Monica Boulevard looking for this spa, don’t expect to find it on the first level of a high rise or accompanying a gym. Willow Spa looks more like someone’s holistic house than a “top ten” rated spa in Los Angeles, but if you can gather your bearings, one visit to Willow Spa may change the way you live and the way you relax.

Known for its Asian-willow picinspired massages, facials and scrubs, Willow Spa is similar to others offering over-the-top treatments in luxurious surroundings. Though most spas open the door for you and close it when you leave just as fast, Willow Spa explains the importance of living well, while also indulging in such treatments. One of the greatest things about this spa- other than its tropical feel and décor- are the packages they put together, such as the Thai “Balance” package that is like a small vacay to paradise, featuring a Tamarind body scrub and Flower and Milk foot soak; or the specialized Bride & Groom package that offers a week by week “to-do” spa and relaxation experience before the big “I do’s.”

If you are ready to roll your eyes about how expensive this “luxurious” treatment is going to cost you, you might want to clasp those rolling eyes and take a look at the price menu. An hour massage is less than a hundred dollars which is considered a bargain, especially in this city. So the next time you are driving down Santa Monica in bumper to bumper traffic, look for the Asian-influenced cottage offering a home away from home… or at least a well-deserved pit stop.