LF pic

In a sea of independent clothing stores and boutique shops, LF on Robertson seems to stick out and has developed a styling mantra that has kept stars like Scarlett Johansson and Mischa Barton satisfied.

The store takes an innovative approach to styling by keeping the racks full of variety and assorted designers meant for girls who aren’t afraid to take chances in fashion. With stores in New York, Miami, Massachusetts and of course Los Angeles, the LF brand has officially spread its wings; bringing groundbreaking fashion to all coasts. Those working at LF will not only provide assistance rummaging through the racks, but can also act as makeshift stylists when needed.

For up-to-date looks and trends, many LF followers will venture to their website to see the latest “Look of the Week” or thumb through their “Look Book.”

Though most of the items in the store are on the expensive side, LF holds semi-annual sales during the Fall and Spring with items up to 60% off.