Toi pictureEven though there are countless Thai restaurants spread all over Los Angeles, nothing compares to Toi on Sunset. Half Rock ‘n Roll café and half amazing food, this place is the ultimate stop for great veggie Thai food with even better service. Some must haves include their amazing Pad Thai and even more amazing vegetarian dishes such as the dried chili cashews and the eggplant, pumpkin and tofu.

Other than the food, what makes this place so great is the atmosphere; the décor is wild and the walls are filled with rock royalty paraphernalia and posters galore. While you may find other restaurants shutting their doors earlier than eleven, this place shuts down at 4am, making this a great after hours spot for drinks and dining. And don’t worry about what days this place is open; they are open seven days a week until 4am each night!

With fabulous food and a killer vibe, the only downfall would be the horrendous parking situation on the weekends; try to find a spot on Sunset or take the time to search for parking, because after all, it is open until 4am.