Though Jane’s House on Hollywood Boulevard was once the school to many of our favorite Hollywood legends, the new class of A-listersLAjaneshouse and socialites are making it their own. The newly remodeled mansion-turned-Hollywood-hideaway is drawing everyone in on the weekend thanks to its cozy décor and adorable bartenders.

Though the elegant furnishings may make you feel as though you should have arrived with Charlie Chaplin, the multiple bars both inside and outside are always serving fun drinks and the DJ is always playing the latest hits. At Jane’s House there isn’t a designated dance floor, but this house turns into a “house party” as you will find girls dancing on balconies or the railing of a patio.

If you find yourself visiting Jane’s on a Saturday night, check the website for guest list details to score yourself a ticket to the open bar that happens for an hour before midnight. With its cozy confines and ideal location in the heart of Hollywood, this bar is definitely schooling the rest on how to recreate an old Hollywood feel with new Hollywood fun.