Filled with beach bodies, body builders and people doing sidewalk tricks, a trip to Venice Beach is as unique as the people who walk the boardwalk. With souvenir shops and waterfront views, anyone from any age visits the boardwalk to either embark on a rollerblading excursion or simply engage in a henna tattoo.

Though there is always something going on at Venice, the best time to Picture 21visit is during a warm day. The boardwalk fills up with pedestrians once the sun is out, which gives Venice Beach its unique charm.

If you are looking for beautiful blue water and soft sand, you might want to rethink packing that bikini. You may find stragglers dipping their feet in the water, but you will rarely find people lounging by the shore; people come here more for the unique culture and always-surprising sidewalk sidekicks.

If snow cones and psychics sound like a fun Sunday afternoon, Venice Boardwalk is your new home away from home.

Insider Tip: Though the crowds are great and cheap boardwalk food is even better, parking is definitely problematic, so find a cheap lot a few blocks away. And if you have heard of the saying “fun in the sun,” take that saying to heart. Once the sun goes down, so does a lot of the fun, so leave when you can still feel yourself building your tan.