When their saying is “Home of the doner kebab,” you know they must be doing something right.

Thanks to two college students that dreamed of distributing the classic and fresh food to the streets of Los Angeles, Spitz became a getaway for those craving the Spanish food but couldn’t seem to get away to Madrid in time to get it. With two locations offering dishes such as “The Chicken Doner” where you are encouraged to pick a bread, style and sauce to accompany the chicken and other vegetables offered with the dish, people seem to be craving kebab more than ever.

Along with the classic doner meals, Spitz offers wraps and salads for those craving the kebab with fewer calories. Though the food is definitely all the rage at Spitz, the clever college men included a full bar and even a happy hour full of hummus strips and sangria to bring back an element of college life.

Though spit comes from the device in which the meat is cooked vertically, patrons and kebab lovers do anything but spit out anything Spitz is serving.

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