Mixed in with Hollywood nightclubs and overrated bars, you will find one of the best places in Los Angeles where the stars aren’t driving drunk and wearing Dior. The Griffith Observatory is one of the only places that actually makes learning interesting and gives you first hand access to star-gazing at its finest. Picture 22

With multiple exhibits and shows, you can learn all sorts of stuff, from constellations to how much you would weigh on the moon. Even though this place is great to visit with friends, it is filled with couples and PDA galore since walking and admiring the sky is a perfect activity for two.

They are closed Monday and the weekends can get really crowded, so make sure you get there early enough to be able to walk around before it closes at 10. Even though the romantic date spot and beautiful sky scenery should be enough to sway you, the even better perks are that it is free and so is parking.

Finally, a place where you don’t have to pay to see some stars.