This hot little Hollywood Italian spot will win your taste buds like it has won the locals. Terroni is the perfect weeknight place when craving some good carbs. Named after the region of the Picture 8restaurant’s imported olive oil and hot peppers, Terroni is the real Southern Italy where simplicity reigns as much as the ingredients.

At Terroni, it’s best to always prepare for a little wait as the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, but there’s no better place than to start at the bar! A glass of the Montepulciano is the perfect pairing for all authentic antipasti, pizza or pasta fare. The pizza has that thin crust, burnt richness that can only be had when right out of the brick oven.  If you can take the heat, ask for the hot peppers. You’ll leave carrying out jars of the stuff!

Besides the amazing pizza, Terroni is the perfect spot for a first or blind date; its sweet decor is just romantic enough, but the tables are close enough to spark up a conversation to your left or right if your date is a dud.