There is no better place for The Paley Center for Media than Beverly Hills, where most of the celebrities you will be watching on their televisions probably live just miles away from the center. In the beautiful white building adorned with miniature TVs streaming video clips for those walking the streets, you can find anything from an old I Love Lucy rerun to a live event hosted by the cast of Greek. For the true television, radio and movie aficionado, The Paley Center for Media may just be everything you could possibly ask for.

Withpaley 150,000 advertisements, television and radio programs in its collection, The Paley Center is the world’s leading museum for preserving media as well as leading discussions on media trends. Just like the entertainment industry, The Paley Center is constantly changing its programs and events, from large festivals to preview parties. For the true media enthusiast, a visit to the Paley won’t only allow you to relive television’s past but also to embrace future celebrity performances. With appearances from late night talk show hosts to entire casts of television shows, there always seems to be a party happening at Paley.

Whether you choose a guided daytime tour or an event with a celebrity, it’s an unanimous vote that a Paley visit is a good visit. Thanks to free admission and convenient parking across the street, it has never been this easy to visit some of your favorite famous friends, either on screen or in person.

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