Picture 19Mother and daughter duo Justina & Gina greet clients with a smile as they walk in the door of Concepto Hair and Body along Coral Gables’ chic Miracle Mile.The friendly, down to earth service is an added bonus to its innovative, sophisticated services.

Mom Justina honed her skills in New York City and brought her big city salon smarts to open Concepto, and daughter Gina joined and followed in her footsteps. Along with an impressive list of color and styling options as well as treatments and relaxers, one of the most innovative services they offer is eyebrow threading. It is an eyebrow shaping technique where cotton thread is used to remove hair from the root, creating a clean, natural arch; it’s ideal for people allergic to waxing and can also be incorporated in other areas where hair removal is needed. For those who are going to the salon to keep their hair, Concept specializes in straightening services, perfect for the humid Miami climate.

This unique treatment combined with the homey atmosphere makes Concepto stand out in high end Coral Gables.