Stepping away from the Art Deco theme and chaos that is SoPicture 9uth Beach is The Setai, a hotel created to soothe the mind, body, and soul of all who enter and arguably the best hotel in Miami- by miles. A zen-like atmosphere is evident the moment one touches the Asian-inspired front door handles and enters the hotel oasis to a chorus of soothing sounds echoing from the sound system.

Hard-working models, celebs, and professional athletes are among the regulars that come to enjoy the scenic Setai.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby is a serene open-air courtyard with a centerpiece fountain surrounded by intricately placed palm trees, backless, cushioned benches, and a large wooden bar in the rear.

The theme continues in the guestrooms where a minimalist approach, using jade and other Asian-inspired decorative pieces, contributes to an overall soothing experience.

The Setai proves a trip to Miami can be as relaxing as Thailand.