With a website name like runchickenrun.com, there’s no doubt that Miami Beach’s Yardbird Southern Table & Bar takes their chicken and comfort food for that matter, seriously. They don’t even call it a dinner menu, it’s called supper.

A rustic interior with small jam jars on display, cute sayings printed along the bar like “Say Please and Thank You” and “Run Chicken Run” and lots of natural wood to evoke a country setting.

Things to try here: Shrimp ‘n grits made with Florida shrimp, crisp Virginia ham and South Carolina stone ground grits (they love using the best Southern ingredients here and make sure to name them too). The Llellewyn’s Fine Fried Chicken is a 1/2 a Bell & Evans bird served with  cheddar and chow chow waffle, spicy Tulepo honey and citrus pepper watermelon. The melons and cheese appetizer of fresh melons, grilled farm cheese, fresh celery in Meyer lemon Texas olive oil is a great starter.

The restaurant is located at the corner of 16th St. and Lenox Ave. in Miami Beach, 305-538-5220