Zoo Miami is one of the most unique attractions in Miami and is not your conventional zoo see, there’s no cages here, well, virtually none. Moats separate a majority of the animals from the visitors which makes it a much more natural experience.

Strolling along the pathways, either on foot, on a safari cycle, in the safari tram tour or on the monorail, is an adventure in everything wild. Monkeys climb on tree limbs and branches in King of the Jungle, while the Huon tree kangaroo, koalas and a crocodile monitor lizard hang out in the Australia exhibition.

Flamingos, giraffes, hippos, snakes, rhinos, lions, tigers, lizards, eels, spiders and more, they all live here in this massive 327 acre park. Kids can enjoy more than just the wildlife with the ever-popular Diego Zoo show, with the famous character from Dora the Explorer.

Zoo Miami is located at 12400 SW 152 St., Miami, FL 786-619-3418, www.zoomiami.org