1OAK, which stands for One Of A Kind, is the true Manhattanite hotspot. Hidden at the crossroads of the Meatpacking and Chelsea party districts, it brings together the best of both of these worlds: a strict door policy (read: better, hotter clientele) and music that keeps people dancing until daylight.

1OAK has all the elements that makePicture 15 for a hot NYC nightclub. It’s small and elegant, so the doormen are super choosy at the tight door. Celebrities come here like no other club in Manhattan: it’s the place where Lindsay Lohan infamously tweeted about Justin Timberlake’s supposed “indiscretions.” 1OAK hosts some of the most VIP parties in Manhattan, from Fashion Week after-parties to Robin Thicke’s birthday party, with guests like Jay-Z and Beyonce, to name but a few. The DJs are some of the best around, the cocktail waitresses are some of the hottest around, and the prices are, well, astronomical.

So what makes it one of a kind? 1OAK is the place for after hours clubbing. When true parties get sick of the first club at, let’s say, 2am or 3am, they head over to 1OAK where the party is just getting hot. The door technically closes at 4am, but that’s only when they stop serving alcohol, as this party goes much later and gets much crazier. For those staying late with a table, 1OAK is rumored to bolt the door and serve its patrons breakfast.

Now that’s 1 Of a Kind.