At Alice’s Tea Cup the air seems to be filled with ferry dust and sweet dreams. It’s actually just glitter and the scent of freshly baked cupcakes but when you are here in one of the exquisite tea rooms, the magic of Alice In Wonderland takes over and even the grumpiest adults can become kids again over the famous Pumpkin Scones and a pot of Birthday Tea. Or if you are more adventurous try the Chocolate Mint Tea, that’s Indian black tea with mini chocolate chips and peppermint leaves, and Alice’s Hamburger, it comes with Lapsang and Rooibos tea infused sauteed onions and mushrooms – yum! For the grown-ups in the group there is also the inventive menu of “Mar-tea-nis and Such” serving up creative libations like the Admiral’s Mar-tea-ni which is Rooibos tea, Kahlua, and Kettle One. You can’t go wrong with the restorative powers of tea and the ancient effects of liquor all in one! Now with three uptown locations serving a huge selection of teas and beverages, tea sandwiches and soups, treats and cakes, and other delights you should have no problem fitting a little afternoon tea into your afternoon.

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