Tom Colicchio, the head judge of Bravo’s emmy award-winning Top Chef, usually has harsh criticism for the up and coming contestants. But taking one bite of his mouth watering creations at thPicture 7e flagship Craft Restaurant, you’ll understand why he is so harsh. Every single dish at this upscale New American restaurant is absolutely served to perfection.

Deemed as the pioneer of mix-and-match mains and sides, Craft’s menu is an a la carte dream with every dish as tasty as the next. From the famous rustic Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms to the succulent sirloin steak main and even the minor side of gnocchi would make most (Italian) chefs cry. The back-to-basics cooking style Colicchio employs lets the ingredients shine and for the diner, it elevates the experience of the simplest and most unglamorous dishes, like corn, into a shining yellow pot of gold.

The decor of Craft reflects the clean yet rustic menu. The tables, floors, and bar are made of an oak wood, but the design has clean lines as if it were a modern fusion restaurant. The tables are abnormally large, a trend, like the upscale family-style menu, that has followed to most high-end Manhattan restaurants, to accommodate all the tasty dishes.

With culinary and restaurateur imitators galore, it’s no wonder Colicchio and Craft have swept up three stars from the New York Times and numerous prestigious James Beard Awards. Oh, and don’t forget, the title of the real “Top Chef.”

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