What a creative, sexy, and fabulous bar! The Bourgeois Pig brings a little bit of the Parisian chic in the heart of East Village. The décor is absolutely fantastic. The vintage furniture, the drapery, the dimmed light, and the red lamps, will make you feel as you step in the boudoir of a Parisian courtesan in the 1920s. And the French atmosphere is completed by a large selection of French wines on their menu. You will also not fail to notice a large red neon sign, which adds to the sexiness of this place. Therefore, I highly recommend this The Bourgeois Pig for a date, but a group will have just as much fun. The Bourgeois Pig is the intersection of sexiness, and mystery, with fun, and modernity.

111 E 7th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 475-2246